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Tips on how to pass your driving test

Planning on taking your road test soon? Wondering if you have what it takes to pass? Here are five key areas you should focus on to make sure ace it on the first try.

1. Know your vehicle

Whatever car you’ll be using for your driving test, make sure you know where all the most important controls are located. The examiner will test that you know how to do the following:
• Use windshield wipers
• Eliminate fog from windows using the defroster
• Brake smoothly
• Accelerate smoothly
• Use signal lights at appropriate times

Your ability to seamlessly steer, stop and go, as well as effortlessly use all the necessary gadgets, will help you to win the coveted prize at the end: your Calgary driver’s licence.

2. See the sign

Good drivers are alert to signs on the road and respond to them as needed. Neglect to notice one and it could result in an instant fail on your road test. So pay attention and be mindful in particular of the following:
• Yellow lights. Never pass though an intersection on any colour of light other than green.
• Red lights. Make a complete stop before turning right.
• Stop signs. Always make a complete stop before taking your foot off the brake.
• Speed limit signs. Be especially cautious to adhere to school and playground zone signage.

3. Master the hill park

The hill park is a standard part of any Calgary driving test. The examiner will be watching to make sure you adhere to the necessary safety protocols when executing this type of parking job. This includes making sure you:
• Ascertain that your vehicle is no more than 50 cm from the curb
• Put your car in park
• Activate the emergency brake
• Turn your wheels in the appropriate direction (varies based on whether or not there’s a curb and if your vehicle is facing downhill or uphill).

4. Ace the parallel park

Parallel parking has a reputation for troubling new drivers but unfortunately, it’s a skill that must be learned for those wishing to pass their Calgary driving test. The examiner will be evaluating the following:
• Parking distance from the curb (should be no more than 50 cm)
• Use of mirrors and shoulder checks
• Smoothness of manoeuvring into the spot (try to accomplish the parking job in just one or two tries, and don’t hit or climb the curb).

You’re allowed to use back-up cameras if your vehicle has them, but they shouldn’t be used as a substitute for employing mirrors and shoulder checks.

5. Be a junction genius

Safely handling intersections is a must. This means being aware of other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, as well as signage and the rules of the road in general. Tips to keep in mind include:
• Avoid unnecessary stopping when you have the right of way
• Keep your wheels straight when waiting to turn
• At uncontrolled intersections, yield to the driver on your right

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