The 5 most common driving test mistakes in Calgary

So you’ve cruised around Calgary more times than you can count and you think you’re ready at last to book your driving test. It’s great that you’re motivated, but did you know that approximately half of all drivers in training fail their first road test? Before you set a date for your driver’s exam, make sure you won’t be one of the 50% who don’t get a licence due to making these most common mistakes.

1. Not making full stops

You will lose mega points each time you fail to fully brake at a stop sign. Rolling stops may be fine in Hollywood, but not so much in real life. Make sure your vehicle comes to a full stop before easing your foot off the brake and moving through an intersection.

2. No (or not frequent enough) shoulder checking
Always look to see what’s happening in your blind spot before changing lanes, turning at an intersection or parking your car. This requires more than a quick, cursory glance, and your examiner will deduct points each time you fail to do a proper shoulder check. While you’re at it, make sure you’re also doing frequent mirror checks.

3. The wrong right-of-way
Understanding who has the right of way and then applying this knowledge on the road is critical to passing your Calgary driving test. All too often drivers fail to:

• Yield to foot traffic at an intersection
• Demonstrate they understand who should go through a four-way first
• Proceed when they have the right of way
• Yield when they don’t have the right of way

While being too aggressive on the road is problematic, so too is being too reticent. Drivers should strive to always be in control and must demonstrate the capacity to do so in order to obtain a Calgary driver’s licence.

4. Speed mistakes
Incorrect applications of driving speed will cost you points on your driving test and depending on the scenario, may result in all-out failure to pass the exam. Avoid speed errors by remembering to:

• Adhere to the posted speed limits on signs
• Be extra cautious about speed near playgrounds and in school zones
• Avoid driving too slow as well as driving too fast

Speed mistakes are frequently caused by nervousness and not paying enough attention. Do your best to keep your wits about you and make sound driving choices.

5. Improper lane changes
Losing points for incorrectly executing a lane change is easier than you might think. Failing to signal, check mirrors and blind spot, or get the timing right can all lead to points deducted from your exam score.

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