New Alberta residents should register vehicles within 90 days

Welcome to Alberta! Now that you’re here, you undoubtedly have your hands full with unpacking and all the other details that come with settling into a new place. Getting your vehicle registered is just one more thing you need to check off a long list of tasks.

Thankfully, it’s a fairly quick and straightforward chore to accomplish, especially when you select a proficient registry office like The Registry Depot. There are dozens of registries in Calgary, but only a handful that can provide such quick and efficient service while sacrificing nothing on customer service. But before you get your vehicle registered you’ll need to acquire an Alberta driver’s license and a vehicle inspection.

Getting your Alberta driver’s license

If you’re from out of province or from a country with a reciprocal licensing agreement, you simply need to visit The Registry Depot. Bring your license and a piece of documentation that proves you’re legally allowed to live in Canada such as a Canadian passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate. You’ll also need proof that you are now an Alberta resident. Examples include utility bills, credit card statements and written confirmation of Alberta employment. Medical records are also needed in some cases. However, if you’re from a country without a reciprocal licensing agreement, you’ll need to contact our Calgary registry office to find out what steps to take.

Out of province vehicle inspection

All vehicles—unless exempted—must pass an inspection performed by a certified journeyman technician in order to be eligible for registration. The inspection is meant to ensure the complete mechanical soundness and safety of the vehicle. Recommended repairs must be made within 10 days and the inspection itself is only valid for 14 days. If it expires before you register the vehicle, you’ll need to get another one.

Vehicle Registration

With your license sorted and vehicle inspection completed, you’re almost ready to clock your first clicks in Calgary. Come to our Calgary registry office with the following:

  • Out of province vehicle inspection certificate
  • Proof of vehicle ownership such as a bill of sale or lease agreement
  • Proof of address
  • Valid Alberta insurance (insurance is privatized in Alberta and can be bought from a wide variety of providers)
  • Photo ID
  • The vehicle to be registered (VIN number will need to be verified)

If you’re from the United States you’ll also need:

  • Transport Canada Vehicle Import Form 1 with the necessary stamps
  • Certificate of Origin or state issued title (for new vehicle)

The registry office that makes vehicle registration easier

While getting all the preliminary details in place can be a bit of a run-around, the actual registration itself doesn’t have to be. With our exceptional customer service and quick efficiency, The Registry Depot stands out from the rest of the vehicle registration offices in Calgary. Contact us at our Calgary location to make an appointment or to get any of your questions answered.