How to Choose the Best Driving Licenser in Calgary

Whether you’re looking to get your Class 5 Full or Class 5-GDL, taking your driving test can be an anxiety-provoking experience. Why add to the stress by choosing to take your road test with a Calgary registry agent that misses the mark? Instead, book your upcoming driving test and get your licence with a licenser that has these five qualities.

1. Find an official registered licensing service

First and foremost, you want to deal with a registry agent that is officially designated to operate on behalf of the Government of Alberta. These registries and the specific services they offer can be found on the Alberta Services website. It’s also worth doing a bit of sleuthing to ensure all the services you require will be available through a single location. For example, you want the registry agent to be able to provide the driving license, testing services, and possibly vehicle registration. Not every Calgary registry offers all these services out of a single location.

2. Experienced driving licenser

The Registry Depot has served Calgary over the last 20 years. In that time we’ve been able to standardize our services and troubleshoot problem areas. Today, no matter how busy we get, you can expect quick and efficient service. Less experienced registry agents simply don’t have the know-how to provide this level of service to those getting a driving licence.

3. Fair examiners for your driving test

Keeping our Calgary roads safe for everyone is the primary objective of our examiners. All of them are licensed by Alberta Transportation and use the same criteria and testing methods for each and every driver they evaluate while being professional and courteous. It should be no surprise that our examiners will evaluate you on key driving skills such as:

  • Use of the vehicle’s controls
  • Legally and safely making right and left turns
  • Demonstrating capacity to follow speed limits, including in school/playground zones 
  • Parallel parking, hill parking, and reverse parking
  • Proper lane changing 
  • Navigating controlled and uncontrolled intersections

4. Efficiently run

The road test for new drivers takes 30 minutes, while the advanced road test can take up to a whole hour. We know how valuable your time is so we’ll never keep you waiting. The precise hour you book your test for is when it will happen. This is just one of the many perks of dealing with a registry agent that’s efficiently run.

5. Friendly service

We know that taking a driving test is a little bit stressful for most people. But a welcoming smile and friendly service will help put you at ease. We know the value of great customer service and at The Registry Depot, we practice it—in five languages!

Book your Calgary driving test today

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