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Five Features You'll Love About The Registry Depot

Vehicle registration is a legal necessity in Calgary. A vehicle registration refers to the license plate attached to your vehicle or trailer for I.D. purposes. Your vehicle must be registered once per year, otherwise, you could face serious consequences. Depending on the circumstances, that might include heavy fines or even jail time.

What Exactly Is Vehicle Registration?

Any and all vehicles that are driven on public property must be registered. In Calgary, registry offices provide proof that you paid the taxes and fees necessary to drive the vehicle legally on public roads. Vehicle registration is tied to your insurance provider, title rights and includes a fee that must be paid on an annual basis. Registering a vehicle in the owner's name notifies the province of vehicle ownership. It provides the necessary documentation for the issuance of license plates and tags to be affixed to the vehicle. When a used vehicle is purchased, the buyer takes over the title rights of the vehicle. They are in charge of paying sales taxes, license plate fees and transfer fees from the previous owner to themselves. The process of vehicle registration is often seen as a pain to many Calgary motor vehicle owners, but it is a legal requirement designed with your protection and rights in mind.

Are You Looking for a Registry Office in Calgary?

Look no further than The Registry Depot! We have been assisting first time drivers, well-seasoned drivers and new Canadians with their vehicle registration for over 20 years. Here are five reasons you’ll love using our registry in Calgary:

  • Service that’s second to none: We make the vehicle registration quick, easy, and efficient with friendly service that’s available in five different languages - including, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and Vietnamese.
  • One-stop-shop for vehicle registration: We provide a variety of vehicle registry services including standard vehicle registration, duplicate registration, out-of-country registration, registration cancellation, registration renewal, and vehicle plate transfers.
  • Road safety and testing: At The Registry Depot, we also conduct boat tests, road tests, and driver knowledge tests available in 30 different languages.
  • Legal driver’s license: Once you pass the knowledge and road test, we also issue your legal driver's license in Calgary. For general vehicle operation, you need a Class 1 license. We also issue driver's licenses for all other types of professional and recreational vehicles.
  • Commissioner of Oaths: Our on-site Commissioner of Oaths can provide additional registration services including lien searches, vital statistics, corporate name availability search, corporate searches and registry, trade names/partnership, and personal property registration.

If you’re looking for registries in Calgary, you can depend on The Registry Depot. Give us a call at 403-273-3730 or email us today!